Who is


Ada Aukje Engel is Director of Flight Deck Consultancy BV.

The management & administration of the Flight Deck’s client portfolio’s is done by Business partners who are specialised in that area.

We are trying to contribute to a cleaner earth! All communication is preferred to be done digitally to reduce the use of paper, ink cartridges and power. This safes time and reduces mailcosts!

In 1980 Ada got hooked on Aviation, flying solo before she could even have driving lessons. She still has her Glider Pilots Licence and flies whenever she can. 

After getting her Bachelors degree in Business Management & Marketing she worked for Pan American Airways in New York, Air Aruba, Transavia Airlines and as Commercial Manager of the Aviodrome @ Schiphol Airport. Speaking at & Organising Conferences is something Ada loves to do! Since 2012 Ada has been a frequent organiser of Aviation Conferences & Business Events in the Netherlands!

The Financial Sector has always been another interest of Ada. She gained broad expertise in this area, as Client Consultant for companies as Merril Lynh, MPC Capital and working as a Specialist Broker Aviation Insurances.

With these two skills combined Ada can make the difference for you or your Business!