Flight Deck Consultancy BV

Flight Deck Consultancy’s activities started as Engel Business Consultancy, founded in 2011.

Focussing more on General Sales Support to different Business Sectors, Event Management & Sponsoring Activities to Companies, Engel Business Consultancy still continues in those area’s servicing Businesses in the Netherlands & Europe.

Focussing on the Aviation Sector only, Flight Deck Consultancy BV was founded in 2018, adding Insurance Brokerage to the Aviation sector as a new growing Product, coaching Innovation & Durable start-ups and finally advising Aviation Businesses on their Marketing strategies.

By Government Rules flying is only allowed if a liabilty Insurance is covered. This is a requirement for both Private owners as well as Businesses owners and/or Flying Clubs. The Innovative Drone market is a fast growing market & so is the demand for good and reliable Insurance partners who can help with their administrative issues as well!

Being active in the Financial area, and in the Aviation sector more in particular, Flight Deck is able to give the best advice to clients with the best coverage. Because we don t invest in a fancy office but do invest in the right people and collaberations, we can offer quick response quotations and work with all well known major Insurance companies.

Since the requirements were launched for businesses to operate in a more climate & durable matter, the pressure on Businesses to comply with new environment rules is large and this is where Flight Deck Consultancy can help. We can give an overview of the necessary steps to take and also how to comply in the most effecient way both internally (company training) as well as externally (setting up meetings with the governmental organisations) to meet requirements.

Finally we coach start-ups in Business Development & Marketing. This can be done in ceveral sessions, where the Market Position is defined and a Company plan can be enrolled. Flight Deck can also be hired on project basis to execute the Marketing plan.

Flight Deck Consultancy BV is your reliable partner for Aviation & Innovation cases.