Innovation & Start-up Support

We don’t own a fancy office, we don’t sent paper and do most of our Business by mail, phone, whatsapp or by visiting/meeting clients externally. We can be reached any time and strongly believe in this working method. It safes time, money and is environment friendly.

We like enterpreneurs, new ideas, thinking different and thinking smart, the adventure of the new, the dare and most of all the people!

Having had the opportunity to support and coach many Start-ups in the sustainable sector Flight Deck can help you to the next level.

– we have coached many durable companies over the years, including durable Fashion Companies, Companies in the Drone Industry & other Innovation Companies.

– Our own experience in setting up new businesses helps, we know by trial and error what to do and not to do. This makes us an open communication partner for start-ups!

– There are no mistakes; there are only learning phases that give you the opportunity to set new clear goals.

– Knowing the Rules & Regulations, having an Aviation & Insurance backround and dealing with Innovative companies as well as Governmental Organisations on a daily basis gives a tremendous advantage.

– Caring about the environment and Nature really helps!

What makes you happy?