Consultancy Projects

Consultancy Activities involve:

– Marketing & Communication Support for Start-ups

– Business Development for Innovative Start-ups

Currently there are many start-ups in the Aviation & Drone Sector.

Start-ups sometimes have limited experience (or time) for Marketing & Communication issues. Mostly their Business Target Group is very clear. How to reach that group of endusers, is sometime difficult also due to the lack of an existing (Aviation) Network.

The focus of a Start-up is all on the development of their invention, service or product. We will never interfere with that process!

But our strength lies in another area; getting your start-up better known in the market & more sellable to future customers! 

We work in line with agreements set by the inevestors, governmental organisations or funding parties. We help represent your case for new potential funders or at relative Marketing events.

We create a Marketing, Communication or Business Development plan and work towards short, medium and long term goals. 

For existing companies we write Business Development plans,( based on facts, market research and competitor analysis )for a subsidiary, product or service. 

As soon as the product is ready for launch, we support the Sales proces actively or passively. We help introducing the product in the market.

We currently assist various Innovative projects.


AVY BV start-up 2019 Event Rotterdam