Flight Deck Consultancy BV was founded in 2018
Flight Deck Insurance is the name of the Insurance Brokerage of Flight Deck Consultancy!
Flight Deck Insurance
Having been active in the Financial area, and in the Aviation sector for over 30 years, Flight Deck Insurance is able to give the best service products to clients with the needed coverage.
Flight Deck Insurance proves to be a welcome addition to the existing Aviation Brokers available in the Netherlands. With good service & fast handling Flight Deck has gained a reliable market position!
Flight Deck Insurance works with other Insurance Brokers for administration purposes; making more time available for client contact and for claims management!
By Government Rules flying with an airplane (manned or unmanned (only commercial flying)) is only allowed if a liabilty Insurance is aranged.
Apart from Liability Insurances, we also offer Hull, Company Liability, TREX, LOL, Maintenance Liability Insurances and all other non-Aviation Insurances.
Consultancy projects
We help start-ups on Business & Marketing Development projects.
Flight Deck Consultancy BV is your reliable partner for Aviation Innovative companies!
Interested what we can do for your company? 
please mail to flightdbc@gmail.com or phone 0(031)646135279